Spring is Springing


YES, there is a lot going on in the world right now.

For a moment, let’s shift focus to another (more pleasant) transition we are now experiencing, the shift into Springtime. The following seasonal living information can be incorporated into your current social distancing reality, and also holds true year after year.

If we have rested in Winter and conserved our energy, we will be eager to get into action once Spring starts Springing. This is an opportune time to start new projects, move and stretch the body more, cleanse by taking a break from habits that don’t serve us, and revel in the renewal happening all around. Adjusting habits according to the seasons helps the body to ebb and flow more easily with the changing weather and daylight hours, which can help the body stay more in balance throughout the year.

In Chinese medicine, the natural element that takes the lead in Spring is Wood. The Wood Element’s properties are the color Green, the emotion of Anger, the sound of Shouting, and the Sour taste. Liver and Gallbladder are the organs of the Wood element.

We can feel the energy of this in the slight (or not so slight) tension or irritability that can build as we transition into Spring. The Liver system is responsible for our ‘smooth flow’ in Chinese medicine. If this system is not in balance due to stress or lack of rest, this is the time of year we may notice it the most. Liver can also disrupt digestion, so Spring can bring an uptick in issues such as nausea, reflux, gas, bloating, IBS, and IBD. Most people in our culture have an imbalanced Liver system. We all need a little help to keep things flowing!

The Gallbadder system is all about decision making, discernment, and making wise judgments. If this is something that you find challenging, mention it at your next treatment so we can give the Gallbladder system some TLC as spring marches on. Gallbladder also plays a role in how well we sleep. If you are waking around 3AM and unable to get back to sleep, the Wood element may be needing some support.

A few ways to incorporate Spring’s Wood Element into your seasonal living practice:

  • Fresh young green plants on your plate, such as bright green leafies, & sprouts
  • Lemon in your water for a sour taste to stimulate the Liver system to f-l-o-w
  • Vinegar added to dishes or pickled veggies
  • Take advantage of the increase in energy in Spring to start something new
  • Add more calming practices to your routing to stave off Springtime tension
  • Stretch in the morning to release the tendons and ligaments which are governed by the Liver
  • Take a break from sweets, alcohol, and any foods you find challenging
  • Get Acupuncture regularly (or self-administer Acupressure, or practice Qi Gong) to encourage a calm mind, encourage rest, replenishment and renewal, support digestion, and regulate the immune system
  • See my Virtual Visit Offerings HERE.
  • View a quick tutorial for Acupressure for Calming the Nervous System HERE.
  • Check out and Register for my upcoming New Moon Magic (Online!) event (co-hosted with Emma Grace) on Tue 3/24 at 7PM, HERE.

My very best to you in these strange times, and I hope we will be seeing one another soon.

Until then ~

Sending love and strength,

Jennifer Scheible, LAc

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